31 October 2011

"She Still Keep on Smiling To Us.."

Dear Bloogie,

Firstly,i would like thank to God for everything ..Amin ~
coz my lil sis not bad as i thought..her leg broke up ..which i didnt knew what actually happened to her !!

"after simen"

Only Ayah and my other lil sis  at home on that day..pity her ~
without my mummy (gone for outstation),
Ayah took my lil sis to "mak cik urut"..n she said "it's only sprain..."
But not at all...
Saya pun pulang ke rumah (studyweek) /pada mulanya not planned to back.
But,My mummy appriciate and be grateful becoz Im back when she's in trouble 
When mummy and I brang her to the clinic...Doc said "its serious case,why dont u bring on her to hospital?"
Ohh my God,time tuh my mummy and I dah start fikir bukan-bukan~
Ape yang saya rasa time hantar my lil sis mengurut adalah FACT~  (broken leg) 
sebab itu she cant stand very well n takut untuk berdiri..she just use left foot to move..
Her leg kene "simen" about 2 weeks..
That day i really felt sumtin that Hard to be like heR ~ but she's still keep smiling,playing,etc like before..just like nothing happened...Salute for u ~

So,now she used "tongkat" to make she can stand again.,
Hari ini,first paper final dia ...and she did it well (like what my parents said).
Tadi pagi,I managed to send her to school..before im back to KL ..
 sorrow  in my heart raised up when i looked at her ~
she was ashamed to deal with people in school ~ I knew it ..
hope for her is that she can successfully undergo all the difficult things..Amin

After finishing my Final exm ..there will be arrival time to open up "simen" kat kaki dia..
Then,I will bring her for fisiotheraphy (walk training)~Hope that she will be recovered soon ~

P/s: minta jasa baik kawan-kawan doakan yg terbaek untuk dia juge,tq (^^)

07 October 2011

YoU Raise me Up ..

I would like to share this lyric ^_^
song by westlife ...

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be; Then, I am still and wait here in the silence, Until you come and sit awhile with me. You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains; You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas; I am strong, when I am on your shoulders; You raise me up... To more than I can be.

This lyric is mean to me when Im feelin' down for a while..
The person always raise me up is actually my MUMMY ,PN.NOREHAN HARUN...
She always stay with me ,wherever I am..stay far doesnt mean I cant have her ...
Love u Mummy,U're the best..Thanks for being supportive whatever i did,i eats,i wears,etc..

with love,ur daughter...

~My Pre-Senior Year~

 Ello ello ello ...
Pejam celik pejam celik,this is my pre senior year dah..Yahoo !! Yippi !! Yeay !! .Jelas tergambar perasaan excited yang teramat..BUT boley tahan lah dengan busy nya,sampai tak menang tangan buat assignment ,presentation,etc..biase lah "future teacher must work hard to get the best quality" .Ceh,berfalsafah lah pulak yer saye kat sini.Okay straight to the point..disini saya nak share lah pics sepanjang bergelar pre-senior nih...ahahha..we're 4C group member in Dip.in TESL..and we only have 2 sem before doing our practical ..
So,i'll show some pictures people that always beside @ around@disturb (just joking guys) me when im finished my work.Seriously,a lot of moment there..where we're tengah bengang , Gurau-gurau,ngumpat yang tak sepatutnya,perut bunyi(lapar)...etc

Nie,member-member yang kire Kamching la dlm kelas !!
gambar first ,yang pakai spectacles tuh la saye !!
geng-geng:ANem,Tiera@GAGA and Kak Moi

Nie pon same !!
Anem,Kak moI,Effa,Tira(gaga) and LIya

Gegurls,yang ada dlm pics tulah boley dikatakan agak kamching ngan saye !! thanks guys,u're damn superb !!
Thanks for landing ur hands,ears..and so on..(logic ker !!)..Perhaps,all of us can be The best future teacher !! Chewahh,kate semangat tuh...hihihi..About 4 sem we're being together.No matter what happened we're still super cool Missy Teacher ,rite ?? okaylah,thats all the story part of my life in the campus ..For now on,im focusing to my Assignment and also microteaching..Good luck guys..!! do the best ..^^  
Show to em' our best quality when we perform the microteaching ...(",)  
Bye,peeps !! 

                        Ohhh,before im leaving..here am I..with the books and Anem's beg !!